The aforementioned requirements are referential, because each financial entity or the lending company asks for different requirements according to the amount to be lent.

Personal credits at the moment in Spain, what types are there? Better payroll loans. For independent workers, income tax and 4th category withholding statements may also be required, as well as honorary receipts for the last few months. According to amount. Now we show you the main characteristics of loans with payroll or insurance.

The aforementioned requirements are referential, because each financial entity or the lending company asks for different requirements according to the amount to be lent. When it comes to applying for personal loans in Spain, one of the most booming financial products today, we have several modalities or types of online credits, the most prominent on the Internet are: In the first column you can see the bank offering the loan, in the second column the APR (interest rate and fees associated with the loan) and in the last column the amount that can be requested. They can even ask for guarantees or endorsements. Loans of small amounts, normally up to 800 euros at most, to be repaid in a single installment within a period of at most 45 days.

Entity APR Amount Banco Santander 7.27% 6,000 € -90,000 € Younited Credit 4.9% -15.9% 1,000 € -50,000 € Cetelem From 7.18% 6,000 € -60,000 € BBVA From 7.59% 3,000 € – € 75,000 Abanca From 9.21% € 6,000-€ 60,000 ING From 4.06% € 3,000-€ 60,000 Bankia From 11.99% € 1,000-€ 60,000 Liberbank From 7.15% € 5,000-€ 60,000 Banco Sabadell From 9.97% € 2,500-€ 60,000 Cofidis From 6.12% € 4,000-€ 15,000 Comparison of loans with ties. Who grants personal loans? You usually have the money in a few minutes according to the schedule of the request (it depends on the banks’ schedule) We pay medium amounts, with a total amount of up to 1,000 euros that are usually returned in a single installment but in this case the term is extended to 91 loans bad credit days and 61 days minimum.

Once we have seen the loan ranking and a complete list of banks that offer personal loans, we are going to show you the main characteristics of each loan. The types of financial entities that are authorized by the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS) to grant personal loans are: We can also have the credit in the bank in a short time. Younited Credit Loans.

Financial Banks Municipal Savings Banks Rural Savings Banks Edpyme Fintechs entities. Unique credits of higher amount, up to 60,000 euros normally that can be returned in monthly installments up to 60 months. This is undoubtedly one of the best credits you can hire and has the following characteristics: To find out, which bank has the lowest interest rate in Peru? o Which personal loan has the lowest rate?

Enter our comparer at the top of this page, enter the requested data and know the response in real time. It usually takes about 24 hours after the request is approved. APR: from 4.96%. What is the best interest rate for a personal loan? Think carefully about what type of personal credit you need before making the application to save as much commissions and interest as possible.

Amount to request: from € 1,000-€ 50,000. The best rate for a personal loan according to the market ranges from approximately 14 to 50% per year. On our website we offer you any of these possibilities, in the fastest and easiest way, consult the menu. Return time: 6-84 months. This estimate varies according to the policies of the banks, the national and international economic situation. We explain the best way to find individual loans quickly and very easily so that you do not have any doubts. Linking: you do not have to link the payroll but you can take out insurance although it is not mandatory.

If you want to know, which is the bank that charges the least interest on loans? run a comparison at the top of this page. According to personal conditions. Fees: Study fee: 0% Opening fee: 0% Management fee: 1% Partial or total amortization fee: 0% To make this comparison, you must enter the following information: type of currency, loan amount, loan term (in months), your monthly income level, your geographical location (department) and your email address.

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